Jay Summers Homes
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Jay Summers Homes

We Design Within Your Budget.
We Just Make It Work Smarter.


  • At your first meeting you’ll receive a free design consultation. Jay will bring his sketchbook, listen to your vision, and show you some ideas by creating rough sketches on the spot.
  • At your next meeting Jay will go over the estimate and show you finished designs. When you work with Jay there’s no need to hire an architect.
  • Upon approving the design and the price, construction will begin. Rather than “handing you off” to a project manager, Jay remains your principal contact from start to finish. With 20 years of experience working with the area’s finest craftsmen, Jay will personally assure your satisfaction.
  • If a change is requested, Jay provides a written cost estimate before implementing the change, so there are no surprises.
  • Jay streamlines the whole process by taking away steps, problems, delays and wasted time.

When you work with Jay Summers you will receive the personal service and attention to detail that you should expect from a truly custom building experience.

Our Process Sketches

Quality Craftsmanship Begins With
Jay’s Award Winning Design.

Our Process: Home Theater